Friday, February 24, 2012

AutoPREP Testimonial - AutoPREP User Results

What Clients are saying about AutoPrep Software:

AutoPREP User – Their AutoPREP Story!

Company and Project Overview:

One leading civil and building construction company offering diversified general contracting and design/build services to private clients and public agencies throughout the world. They have provided construction services since 1894 and have established a strong reputation within their markets by executing large complex projects on time and within budget while adhering to strict quality control measures.

They offer general contracting, pre-construction planning and comprehensive project management services, including the planning and scheduling of the manpower, equipment, materials and subcontractors required for a project. They also offer self-performed construction services including excavation, concrete forming and placement, steel erection, electrical and mechanical services, plumbing and HVAC. They are known for major complex building project commitments as well as their capacity to perform large and complex transportation and heavy civil construction for government agencies and private clients throughout the world.

They have been following the development of AutoPREP software since its inception and even contributed to its development by suggesting additional features and offering ideas to increase efficiency. They have seen the power of AutoPREP being used and realizes the tremendous time saving capabilities of the product in their own construction management and design processes.

The Problem: Processing Design Drawings and discerning revisions

Like many construction companies was struggling with the challenge of receiving continual design revision drawings from architects, engineers and consultants. In some cases they amounted to thousands per week that had to analyze for cost impacting revisions along with reissuing them to all subcontractors and vendors for the entire project. That involved determining parent drawings from X-Refs and resolving problem files with corrupt, disassociated or missing x-references. They were literally overwhelmed with this task and had created entire departments of people to do nothing but handle these tedious, repetitive and time consuming tasks.

This process had become standard operating procedure not only for them– but virtually every Construction Company and design firm dealing with continual updated drawings as part of the overall project. They, being a leader in the implementation of technology within the construction industry knew there had to be a better way. After consulting with Joe Reghetti and witnessing how his new program AutoPREP could automate the entire process of resolving problem files, separating them into parent, X-Ref and standalone, removing redundant entities and comparing revisions, they wanted to apply the technology for themselves.

AutoPREP – The Solution
After running their first Pilot Project with AutoPREP, their project managers and design teams were astounded with the results. The time savings realized by automating repetitive redundant tasks along with the speed and total accuracy of finding and graphically delineating each and every drawing modification was priceless. AutoPREP’s performance simply changed the way they viewed future projects with regard to estimating timelines and project costs. Not only for the time savings of performing these tasks by batch processing thousands of drawings automatically after hours but also the accuracy of finding all modifications. Catching just one change that might have been missed through human error could save the company thousands of dollars many times over. They felt that AutoPREP was a game changer for them and not only would allow them to save time, realize new profits but win and produce more work in less time than they ever thought possible.

The CEO had always been a proponent of new technology but had grown skeptical of many of the new products that had been touted as time savers. He said that AutoPREP had saved them thousands of dollars on the very first Pilot Project. He stated that the curve to implement AutoPREP was virtually undetectable due to the ease of installation and the speed at which his staff were able to implement the program. They had previously performed these never ending tedious tasks associated with reconciling, cleaning up and comparing drawings. With the time saved the staff are more effectively utilized on more meaningful and profitable tasks.

Real Results!
After their review and evaluation of the Trial Versions of AutoPREP, They believe that they could save significant time and realize new profits on each project by implementing AutoPREP firm wide. When we translated our review and observation of AutoPREP in to dollars, management is very excited about the possibilities of using AutoPREP in our drawing preparation of the background for design. Prior to AutoPREP there simply was not a solution available in the marketplace. Thank You for creating AutoPREP! They believe implementing AutoPREP Software will change how their operation functions.  They will have to go through the often difficult task of retooling departments and reducing staff s that had previosuly been hired to do nothing but drawing processing for clean up, compare etc. AutoPREP Software gives us the competitive edge we need in today’s market!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Never clean a subsequent revision drawing again

Memory Wizards

Track all user input performed to clean and prepare drawings to be seamlessly replicated on all revision drawings. Clean and prepare all subsequent revision drawings with literally the push of a button.

Removing resource intensive redundancies and surplus entities also greatly enhances drawing performance. AutoPREP continually monitors your progress by displaying current file size comparing it to the original on the main cleanup dialog box. All the while, each mouse click that provides extensively compounded subsequent results throughout the drawing is being monitored and recorded by AutoPREP’s exclusive “Memory Wizards”. Each and every aspect of user input is stored to be applied to any issued revision drawing. Upon opening any subsequent revision drawing the program will display the drawing specific wizard name and prompt the user to allow the program to automatically replicate all previous cleanup and preparation tasks. Selecting “yes” will instantly provide an identically prepared drawing in the same state as the previous drawing except for added modifications. Also, all like drawings from the same project Architect can utilize the same wizard to automatically clean and prepare similar drawings in the set using AutoPREP’s batch file process. Just imagine! These tedious non-productive tasks will not have to be repeated again for the entire project! Now that you have cleaned and prepared the latest revision drawing with literally the push of a button, wouldn’t it be nice to automatically know exactly what modifications were made to it?

Built-in “Memory Wizards” record each and every aspect of user input performed in cleaning and preparing the original drawing. With literally the push of a button, they can then be called upon to repeat and identically replicate all previous tasks on subsequent revision drawings. On large projects, this feature alone could save hundreds or even thousands of hours throughout the life of the project. The wizards can also prepare a complete set of project drawings. After cleaning the initial drawing of a like set you can utilize AutoPREP’s “batch file” feature to process the entire set, in a similar manner. Its built-in memory captures all tasks performed; including, but not limited to, automated duplicate entity removal, layer management, block and hatch editing. As you can now see, revision drawings are no longer a concern except for determining what modifications have been made to the revised drawings.

With Standard AutoCAD functionality, countless hours are wasted on cleaning and preparing subsequent revision drawings. With AutoPREP, You’ll never have to do it again. AutoPREP has been tracking and storing all modifications with its built-in “Memory Wizards” to be seamlessly replicated on all revision drawings. The new revision drawings will be cleaned and prepared identically in seconds with literally the push of a button!

Click here to view the demo

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Compare Drawings DWGs

Automatically Compare Drawings
Digitally detects and defines all modifications between DWGs. Results can be displayed by color differentiation or by revision clouds.

The compare module can display all added or deleted items by differing colors on a solid background, or place revision clouds around each change. All modifications are detected digitally so catching just one revision that might have been overlooked could more than pay for the program cost!

You can also easily choose between items on screen for ease of determining cost impacts or redesign considerations. Also comparing your own redesigned drawings can assist change order costing.

Digitally compare one revision drawing against another or multiple revisions. Automatically color code or cloud deltas between DWG/drawing revisions. Filter and isolate materials for download to pricing or scheduling programs. Easily find revisions that could be manually overlooked.


The “Compare Feature“ will automatically discern and delineate any and all modifications between drawings utilizing precise digital imagery interfacing. Delineation is accomplished by placing a “Revision Cloud” around each added and/or deleted design entity or text change. It can also graphically illustrate all modifications by “Contrasting Colors”. The unchanged portion of the drawing can be changed to a user defined solid color with contrasting colors for additions and/or deletions. In this way all modifications are clearly depicted for a concise permanent record while making it much easier to visualize any impacts caused by the highlighted entities within the drawing. Required revisions can be easily determined to confidently expedite change orders or tweak projects schedules. Even more definitive and proactive is the ability to isolate and display only added and/or deleted entities on screen.

• Discern and graphically compare any and all revisions between drawing
• Automatic REVISION Clouds placed around CHANGES.
• Automatic COLOR (user defined color) for ADDED or DELETED items

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Host Manager Case Study

All posted times include the program performing the following functions:

1. Opening all files even corrupt files that would normally crash or give warnings.
2. Resolving file disassociations
3. Inserting proxy files for corrupt, irresolvable disassociations and missing files.
4. Separate files into Parent, X-Ref, Standalone, Corrupt and Missing sub-categories.
5. Create a detailed error log.
6. Automatically generate e-mail message requesting file replacement for proxy files automatically inserted to initially open drawings with corrupt of missing X-Refs.

Times listed below include binding in the host

Project A Project B Project C Project D Project E
Files: 1541 508 3283 1468 537
Hosts: 886 257 1652 857 270
Stand Alone: 55 70 394 63 45
X-Refs: 593 176 1232546 189
Missing X-Refs: 335 111 357 207 115
Corrupt: 7 6 8 2 4
Time(minutes): 14 3.5 31 14 3.5