Monday, February 13, 2012

Never clean a subsequent revision drawing again

Memory Wizards

Track all user input performed to clean and prepare drawings to be seamlessly replicated on all revision drawings. Clean and prepare all subsequent revision drawings with literally the push of a button.

Removing resource intensive redundancies and surplus entities also greatly enhances drawing performance. AutoPREP continually monitors your progress by displaying current file size comparing it to the original on the main cleanup dialog box. All the while, each mouse click that provides extensively compounded subsequent results throughout the drawing is being monitored and recorded by AutoPREP’s exclusive “Memory Wizards”. Each and every aspect of user input is stored to be applied to any issued revision drawing. Upon opening any subsequent revision drawing the program will display the drawing specific wizard name and prompt the user to allow the program to automatically replicate all previous cleanup and preparation tasks. Selecting “yes” will instantly provide an identically prepared drawing in the same state as the previous drawing except for added modifications. Also, all like drawings from the same project Architect can utilize the same wizard to automatically clean and prepare similar drawings in the set using AutoPREP’s batch file process. Just imagine! These tedious non-productive tasks will not have to be repeated again for the entire project! Now that you have cleaned and prepared the latest revision drawing with literally the push of a button, wouldn’t it be nice to automatically know exactly what modifications were made to it?

Built-in “Memory Wizards” record each and every aspect of user input performed in cleaning and preparing the original drawing. With literally the push of a button, they can then be called upon to repeat and identically replicate all previous tasks on subsequent revision drawings. On large projects, this feature alone could save hundreds or even thousands of hours throughout the life of the project. The wizards can also prepare a complete set of project drawings. After cleaning the initial drawing of a like set you can utilize AutoPREP’s “batch file” feature to process the entire set, in a similar manner. Its built-in memory captures all tasks performed; including, but not limited to, automated duplicate entity removal, layer management, block and hatch editing. As you can now see, revision drawings are no longer a concern except for determining what modifications have been made to the revised drawings.

With Standard AutoCAD functionality, countless hours are wasted on cleaning and preparing subsequent revision drawings. With AutoPREP, You’ll never have to do it again. AutoPREP has been tracking and storing all modifications with its built-in “Memory Wizards” to be seamlessly replicated on all revision drawings. The new revision drawings will be cleaned and prepared identically in seconds with literally the push of a button!

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